Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Today is our ninth anniversary.

We met at 19 but we grew up together.  Married at 20 and 21, we were thrown into jobs and mortgages and new cities and children- we jumped in with both feet, and it was hard.  Which was good.  And life with you is good. 

Every year loving you gets less complicated, and more complex.  It gets deeper, easier, and more fun. 

We get each other- our strengths and our flaws.  It's incredibly easy to be with you, because there's nothing hidden, and nothing we can't work out in the end.

I don't expect you to make me happy.  And you make me incredibly happy.  This is how it works.

Tonight I was in the middle of chopping onions for dinner when you called.  It was hard to hear you over the sound of four children playing Wii karaoke in the background.

We'll go out this weekend- tonight, well, it will look like most any other night, but, you made a point to ask me if I'd like to drink some wine and watch Glee

Yes, please.

Thanks for loving me,

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