Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Bit Punk Rock

Lily.  Oh, Lily.  You have to be in this family to really get what I'm talking about. 

This kid is our wild. card.

Her personality is so out of the box, words fail me to get it right for you.

But she is one quirky girl.

I knew something was up when, after two fair haired delicate baby girls, Lily showed up after a very difficult delivery with a FULL head of dark brown hair.  Just to be different.

Since then, it's all fallen out, and came in line with her sisters' shade-  but it's straight baby, because she couldn't possibly conform all the way.

She loves COLOR, and wacky outfits, and reason has never won her over- she creates realities in her mind, and it's basically impossible to change it once it's made up.  She says and does the most random things, with a Galifianakis-like quality that can leave us in stitches with laughter, or can bring us to tears (that's usually me, or one of her sibs, and it's a daily rollercoaster we ride together).

She's as sassy as she is lovely.  She's sweet and spicy- and neither is in short supply.

So, my point.  Last week.

The kids can wear pretty much whatever they want at home.

Last week I took this shot of Lily while she was getting her snack at 4 PM.  She'd been wearing this since breakfast...

I sent it to Jim at work.  He responded back, "Destined for roller derby!!! All she needs is some tattoos and a black eye."

I laughed, we chatted about it a bit.

But then on Saturday the kids spent the afternoon roller blading at the park, and as Lily was busy cutting it up Jim joked about it again- then said "Seriously, I think it would be perfect for her."

I considered it.  And wholeheartedly agreed.

When she is determined to do something, her mind is set

It's almost impossible to hurt Lily's feelings, and she's never once in her life felt truly terrible about hitting someone.

She is extremely smart, and was born a master at strategy and manipulation.

She does not give a rip what anyone thinks of her- it doesn't even occur to her that she should care.

She'll try just about anything- as long as it's on her terms.

She has all the qualities she'd need to take huge hits- and dish them right back out- then leave it all on the track.

This girl has attitude. And a whole lot of inner-rebel.  Moonlighting as a Roller Derby chick might be the perfect outlet for her.

I'm always calling her my little Punk, because, well, she's just got a Punk Rock way of doing things.

We'd be her biggest fans.

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