Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just the 10 of Us

This weekend, at the VERY last minute, we ended up having four of my nieces for a couple of days.  This included a lot of squished driving in the car (and I will add that during the longest drive I gave everyone a red slushie and NO ONE spilled a drop), and lots of extra fun that left my kids wondering if their cousins should just stay for good.

All tweens, they get along great together, and with our younger kids-  I'm currently enjoying a quiet afternoon recovering, listening to some Civil Wars with the windows open, drinking tea, and LOVING this squeal-free house, as our kids rest and Jim takes everyone home.

And I'm exhaling, because it was all fun, and no one broke down, not once. 

We ate out, got frozen yogurt, listened to loud music, had a wild time at a thrift store where we were "that family", but I think ended up making the checkout girl smile, we braided hair, watched Tangled, and stayed up late.We had an awesome breakfast, went to church, ate lunch, and spent the afternoon at an animal shelter loving on homeless cats and dogs, and one sweet ferret.

I'm thankful when we get to spend time together.  They're still all young enough that they think I'm incredibly cool, and freely say it, often.  I know we are just on the curb of that ending, though maybe not entirely, I hope.  You know how in the American Girl books, there's always one really cool, young, fun aunt that is the catalyst for something awesome?  That's me.*  They aren't shy about telling me we have the "best house ever".**  How cute is that??  I'll take it.

Did you know that Jim and I had four kids in just over four years?  And if we'd continued the trend, I'd currently be pregnant with our 8th child?  I lived with 8 kids for a weekend and let me tell you what, it was great, but it was insane.  And let me add, EXPEN$IVE.

But still, just thinking on that- wow that would be crazy.  Still having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

It was fun, and I'm sure we'll do it again, but honestly I'm very glad to be home again with just Jim, Grace, Patience, Lily, and Hudson.  I was getting jealous for some time alone with them. 

By the way, if you have a friendly animal shelter near your home, I'd highly recommend a visit.  Sure, you could take your kids out for fries, or to the mall or a movie- or you could go love some animals that need it.  It's an excellent thing to do as a family, it's free, and it's always fun and interesting.

OK? Go.

*This is what I like to tell myself.  Helps me sleep better at night.
**I agree.

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Joe said...

OK Go videos are so fun, and so bizarre at the same time! Thx for sharing!