Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Dreams.

I found myself cuddled up on the couch with all three of my girls on a chilly night last week, watching Tangled

Well, see, the girls bought the DVD, then we found ourselves watching it about 5 times that first week.

But there we were, all watching, and enjoying, Tangled.

During the song, I've Got a Dream,

I asked the girls what their dreams were.

They thought about it.  Actually, really thought about it.

Then Grace said, "I've always wanted to work with birds, you know, like know how to take care of them and have them land on your finger and stuff."

I told her that was a wonderful dream.

Lily, who did not really understand the concept of having a dream, in this context, said usually the only dreams she remembers are bad ones.  Moving on.

Later, after Patience had really had time to think about it, she said, "Well, I'd really like to be a children's librarian someday."

Talk about sweet dreams.

Just for fun...

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