Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New Day

So I went to Africa with a bunch of people, and 2 of them were my friends Brandon and Phil.

It was sort of a big event in our lives, maybe I should blog about it sometime.

Phil is a musician, so when he was processing through the experience, it was natural for him to write a song about it.  I actually watched him write it on a plane.  Right next to me.  In a Moleskine journal I gave him, with a pencil, I, also, sacrificially gave him. 

Because of this, I feel it's logical that this is my song too.

We've been singing this song at The Ransom for a while, and now Phil recorded it- with Brandon's help on the drums, and Whitney's help on vocals, and with lots of other people's help.  Because it's not easy to do things like this on your own.

Brandon and Phil are going back to Zambia in a few weeks.  They've made this song available for all of us to buy- and they're splitting the funds to buffer the cost of their trip ($3300 each).

It's not cheap to go to Africa, and I believe it's extremely important that they go.  So I want to help them.

Watch this, follow the links, get a great song, and be a part of what Poetice is doing in Africa too.  It's amazing how fast this adds up.

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