Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stupid Post.

I've been distracted lately.  I have so many posts I'd love to write if I had the time to think and write them out, but I've been using all my thoughtful time (not like there's a ton of it) with books lately, just in a reading-a-ton phase I suppose, which I know will pass, and the rest of the time, we've been sort of sick, and busy.  That, too, I hope, will pass.  And it's so insanely cold here right now, all the staying indoors zaps my creativity.  I'm just so done with winter.

And I recently switched over all my camera gear, kissing my old babies goodbye and shipping them off to new owners, and getting familiar with my new stuff.  It was a little sad- I could shoot with my other DSLRs blind, we were tight.  I knew them well.  I even took one to Africa and back.  That's bonding.  You know?  They even had names- Eve, and Paul (an homage to Julia Child's husband Paul, who loved photography). name your cameras too, right?  I haven't named my new camera body yet.  I barely know her.  It could even be a him at this point, I haven't got a clue.  Moving on.

  Now I'm getting the feel of a new model, a new focal length- 85mm f/1.8, and I hope to soon add another 50mm f/1.4 in the next few months- the 85 is fabulous, and even though I knew it wouldn't be flexible enough to be my "only" lens, it's still my only lens until I save for the 50.  They'll both be great for everyday life, and for Africa.  I could've really rocked that 85 in Africa.  There's always next time.

Until then, we're just indoors all the time, going crazy, and I'm taking pointless pictures of random household items to get in sync with my new gear, test the limits, get the feel.

Like oranges.  I took a lot of shots of oranges today.

And, can it see through the eyes of a colander?  No- it can't.  Good to know.

My children are semi-patient with me while I shoot away...

Bottles of cleaner always sit still for me.

Bella is, for the most part, a good sport.

This looks so dorky, but, this is how you get to know your camera, people.  Don't wait to try it out when you actually need to get something good.  Mess around with it at home.  That's the only way you get better. 

Spring please, please come soon. 

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Danielle said...

What new camera body did you get?? Why the switch? Did I miss this in another post? Could have. :)