Thursday, February 10, 2011


"Change is one difference between life and death." -Francis Schaeffer, Art and the Bible, p. 73

We are all creators. Whether we are painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, readers, parents, students, scientists, spouses, chefs, pastors, friends, accountants, or architects, we are all creating and building throughout our lives. 

Even when we invest no intentionality into living at all, we are still fashioning a life's work.  Some will, at the end, be much more intricate and beautiful than others.

We are made in the image of God, and like Him, we are creators. 

When I think of the things I create in my life- photographs, meals, a home, our marriage, our parenting, my mind, and on, I find I'm almost daily cringing at something I used to think was excellent- something that was, at the time, my best- but is now either funny, or just difficult to look back on. 

But it is good to know we are moving forward as individuals, as a family, as creators.  We aren't backtracking, we aren't standing still.  We are constantly evolving, growing, expanding, and gaining resolve.  We stand on solid foundations, and enjoy incredible freedom to flex and become something greater, something more beautiful every day- usually by doing hard work, by accepting help, by failing, admitting, and moving on, by pouring ourselves out to people and work that matters.

It's sometimes very difficult to look back- but I'm so glad to be alive.


Phill Tague said...

Wow...I feel that way all the time. And everything we create is a reflection of the Creative God who created us!

theKband said...