Monday, January 17, 2011

Upcoming Class Dates

It's Monday and it's a good day- and it's time to get shameless.

Yes- I will be teaching at the Museum of Visual Materials this year.  We set some dates before I left for Africa, and from what I hear, they are already filling up.

To simplify my suddenly filled up schedule, I will not be teaching beginner and advanced amateur courses one on one.  I will accept bookings to teach groups of 10 or more (content and price quoted after consultation), and can arrange for travel if your group is outside of the Sioux Falls area (for an additional fee).  Email me for more information @ .

Here's the deal- if you feel overwhelmed and underinformed about photography, or your camera, these small, informative classes are what you need.  They're not intimidating, and neither am I- I'm really just a dork, you won't be afraid of me, I promise.  And I'm a natural light purist who cares a lot about honest, real-life photography- I don't get jazzed about flashy studio portraiture.  So my passion is in line with what you need- help in getting great shots with available light, without extra equipment, in your everyday life.

And with each class comes an open invitation to email or call me with questions as you go- for good.  And many of my students take me up on that, and I mean it- I love it.  So, you're getting a lot of information and future help with these classes.

And I'm just going to throw this out there- and wait for the collective gasp, particularly from my parents, bless their hearts-  I'm going back to Zambia.  In 2011.  With Jim.  Details are in their infancy, but it sounds like Zambia is going to let me back in.

So it's time for a shameless plug- these classes are a fantastic start for anyone who wants to jump in to photography and get equipped with some solid skills AND every dime of income I generate is going to be deposited straight into the 2011 Zam-Fund.

Here are the basic details from the Museum's promo materials:

Basic Photography

We will cover the technical and creative basics you'll need to take great photographs with any camera. Our class will be relaxed, informative, and fun!
Length: 1.5 Hours
Cost: $25
Cap on Participants: 12

AVAILABLE DATES: February 15, March 14, and April 18.

DSLR Basics
Learn the core basics to understanding your DSLR camera, how it functions, and how to gain control to begin using it to it's full potential. Grow in confidence and skill with this hands-on informative class.
Length: 1.5 Hours
Cost: $25
Cap on Participants: 8

AVAILABLE DATES: February 22, March 21, and April 25.

I may book some Basic Portraiture classes this summer if time/interest allows.  Those should be a good time.

Contact me with any questions, and Contact Jessica at the Museum, , to book a slot in an upcoming class.

A LOT of people have asked me how they can support the people they've met via this blog in the last week.  Visit the Poetice site, get to know the ministry, and feel free to ask me some questions.  And here are a few more simple ways....
Feel free to forward around this link like it's hott- a link to all of my posts with a Zambia tab.  I would love for as many people as possible to read about this beautiful place and the people I left my heart with.  Knowledge is power, so pass some on.  As vulnerable as it is to put so much of my heart out there for the world to read, I want to tell as many people as possible about it- so pass it on via your own blog, facebook, email, whatever.  You've got my permission.  And I'm asking you to do it. Please?

Also, feel free to pass on a link to this post, to anyone you know who might want to get some photography skills, and support the 2011 Zam-Fund.
And one more thing- lots of people are downloading photos and content from the Africa posts-  It's the Wild Wild West out there on the WWW, and I know I can't control that but- if you ARE using this content elsewhere, use it responsibly and please remember the photographs belong to myself and Poetice and the content belongs to me- so add links to give credit appropriately.  Thanks ya'll.
Peace Out.

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