Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Music Academy.

Man, this place was amazing.

Now that you've seen what we're fighting against- I'm thrilled to introduce you the Academy- because this is how we fight.

Poetice provides so much more than music education here.  They work to empower Zambia's youth, giving them hope, strength, and vision.   More than giving them a little for today, they are working to empower the youth so they can thrive for life.  Poetice fights with prevention to truly break the cycle and begin something new.

Here they find a strong fortress, discipleship, mentoring, healthy community, accountability, and they get a fire for creative passion.

Not only are they introduced and trained in the arts- but the art becomes a dream and a vehicle out of a world that can be dark and dangerous and into a greater vision for their lives. 

The arts wake us up, clear our eyes, and set us about creating with the One who made art, music, color, and dance.

This isn't just for fun.  It brings life.  It brings purpose.  It brings a healthy obsession that keeps youth busy in all the right ways, leaving less time to find unhealthy distractions. 

The arts can provide avenues for income for orphans and vulnerable children, giving them opportunity to break out of poverty. 

Students are given new identity.  New passions.  New direction.

They are breaking the silence with song.

This is a very big deal.




Phil spent some time with the brass players. 


P Dubs has some mad skills.  I loved watching their faces while he played for them, and seeing their enthusiasm in working with him.

He'll be back.

Hope is just radiating from this place.  And so much joy.

Here's a video- just listen to all the beautiful sounds in that room!

And here's a slideshow.

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