Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jump Over.

My friend Phil went to Zambia with me.

You know Chad the quirky nanny in Jerry Maguire?

"This... is Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Stockholm. 1963... two masters of freedom, playing in a time before their art was corrupted by a zillion cocktail lounge performers who destroyed the legacy of the only American art form -- JAZZ."

Phil isn't actually much like him at all.  But every time Phil gets verbose about jazz, he reminds me of Chad the Nanny, big time.

P Dubs recently started a blog and you can read it here.  I knew he'd probably really enjoy blogging, but, after reading the first post, it was clear that he'd enjoy it and he'd be great at it. He's blogged quite a bit about our time in Africa as well- I've enjoyed his perspective. 

So jump over and give my jazz loving pastor friend some clicks.

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