Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Wonder of the Worth Less

I'm amazed every year at Christmas- any holiday, but especially Christmas- at the swift changes in perception of worth.

We recklessly consume finding gifts, decorations, food, what have you.  And we spend and spend and spend.

And suddenly, at the strike of midnight on Christmas night, all the sparkling, shining wonder that was worth great expense turns into piles of leftover clearance thrown on shelves at the back of the store. 

It was worth so much.  Now it's worth so much less.  What changed? 

The date changed, and somehow, with it our perceptions.  Now it's not important to us anymore, let's move on to the new thing. 

From the outside looking in, American consumerism must seem absurd.

After I wrote this, I listened to a great podcast with Robbie Seay- you can listen here.

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