Friday, December 17, 2010

Patie Cakes

I call her that.   Patie, I mean.  I call her Patie Cakes.  Every day or so.  Because people don't know just from reading, if you don't know us, you know, in real life, it's Patie.  Like Katie.  With a "P".

So here's what happened a couple of days before Patie's birthday.

Mom: "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday, Patie Belle?"
(I call her that, too, btw.  She has a lot of names.  That one actually really makes sense- her name is Patience Isobel.)

Patience: "I want cupcakes- with sprinkles."

Mom: "Whatever you want, birthday girl!"

So we made marble cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and lots of sprinkles.

And on her birthday morning, as we stood at the counter finishing up the cakes, I say, "Patie, these were a really good idea."
And she says, "I knew they would be easier for you to make than a cake."

I gasped a little in surprise, "Patie!  You can pick whatever you want for your birthday!  Mommy doesn't mind making you a bigger cake."

She replies, nonchalant, "It's OK.  I like cupcakes, and I haven't had any for a while."
No biggie. 

That's Patie.

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