Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On Holiday

Jim and I are heading out on holiday this weekend- we've been working hard all fall, and it's coming up at the perfect time- work for me is winding down, and life is closing up a busy fall in anticipation of a grateful Thanksgiving or two with family, the Christmas season, the end of the school semester for the kids, and Africa to close the year.

I've had requests to hold a workshop in the Twin Cities area in the past, and so I was able to make that happen while we're there as well.  I'm always jazzed to meet neat folks and teach.  I promise you, an angel sings every time a new Manual Shooter is born, or, at least, one does in my mind-  An angel who is lit beautifully by the sun- because I firmly believe there is no flash photography in heaven. 

For the four hours I'm teaching in Maple Grove, Jim will snag some WiFi at a Starbucks and eat some snacks or something.  I don't know what he'll do.  But then it's back to just us.  All in all, I'm positive we'll have a great weekend.

We're planning to do as much nothing as possible.  Take walks, drink lots of coffee, read books, avoid retail, and just be.

We're also catching the Love Tells the Story Tour, which I immediately bought us tickets for weeks ago when I heard about it (one of the benefits of NoiseTrade).  If I meet Don Miller and manage to avoid making a total fool of myself, I'll blog about it.

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theKband said...

I hope you guys are able to really relax on your weekend away! Have a great trip!