Monday, November 1, 2010

Farm Boy

Jim grew up on a farm.  I did too.  The difference between us?  I appreciate nature/solitude/wide skies, but you can always visit those.  I could. not. wait. to move into a city someday.  He never wanted to leave.  He made peace by choosing to engineer farm equipment for a career.

A month or so ago, our small group's icebreaker question was to describe your DREAM job- income and reality suspended.  My answer (though I could think of many and they're quite varied):  To essentially have Meg Ryan's life in You've Got Mail- everything about it, but with my current family, of course.  Bookstore owner, be adorable, have a bright, beautiful but sensible apartment (much larger than hers, of course, to accommodate said family), taking advantage of the city, etc. 

Jim's answer?  Be a farmer. 

You can see, our dream jobs are highly incompatible.

Hudson seems to have inherited the farmer gene.  He's spent hours and hours in the combine this month.  As soon as we arrive at the farm and his chubby feet hit the ground, it's basically the only thing he wants to do.

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