Wednesday, November 10, 2010

20% Smug

Look.  If you don't know about it, now you know.  All K-12 teachers qualify for the Barnes and Noble Educator Discount.  20% off anything in store or online that you could use for your classroom.  And, in my experience, that means just about everything in the store.  I've tested them in this.  And you can combine it with other discounts.

I'm no idiot (I am a teacher, you know). I know why they do this.  It feels so elite to get 20% off anything any day that you choose over Amazon every time, and make a point to make trips to the store more often than you would have otherwise.  They win, and I win with a card I want to wave in the faces of the poor people who have to pay full price in line.

Bring your pay stub (or if you homeschool your exemption certificate) to your local store and on the spot you'll get a flashy, exclusive card that makes you feel way too cool for school.

On a loosely-related note,

We watched the BBC Life series last week in three days, watching 2 or three episodes at a time after school, and it was exquisite.  Get it at your local library like we did, or buy it here.  We all loved it.  The price, combined with your slick Educator discount saves you like $24 off the list price you'd get in a store, and you'll get free shipping.  So smug.

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Rachel said...

Not everything in the store. I know this. I bought a certain mutual NY photographer friend a certain kind of book for her naughty wedding shower. And I so tried to get the discount, cause I'm cheap. But the lady said that your purchases are tracked and looked down at my through her glasses. It was worth a shot, right?!

Otherwise, I love that discount!