Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sublime and Ridiculous

Something in Autumn wakes up introspection. 
In me, anyway. 
Something about the clear change in season- this sweet middle ground of absolute beauty, before the long icy season. 
Something about the leaves raging a bit in the face of death. 
Something about the animals knowing instinctively what to do to be ready.  And they ready themselves. 
This is the glorious, bittersweet place between summer and winter when we are reminded again that nothing gold can stay .
Because we do always need reminding. 
And our hearts are never quite ready for it.

But it's from that place that I've journaled quite a bit lately.  Not purposed for sharing, but, I think I may share some.  There is something in making a community with your words that gives wholeness to writing them.

And I've also just lived, and taken snapshots of my children, and tried to not take myself too seriously, in the wake of extreme busyness this month.

And so, if my posts in the near future seem a mix of sublime and ridiculous, this is why.

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