Monday, October 25, 2010

Cameras for Zambia

I'm going to Zambia in December.  I'm going to be meeting, hanging out with, and teaching tons of kids-  over 500 are already registered for the camp where I'll be working.  When I heard about this, I instantly thought, "If they need a photographer, I am there."  In that moment, the movie Born Into Brothels flashed through my mind, and I knew, if they needed me, I needed to go.  There was no long discerning process, just Jim and I knowing if the doors kept opening I would stay available and go.  So far, every door has opened wide.  And I'm thrilled to finally have my feet on African soil-  I've thought, prayed, and cried for these very children for years, and until now, going has always been on my heart- but not in my plans.  And now I'm part of a project focused on giving love, education, and hope, while introducing children to the Arts- and leaving them with the tools to grow.  I'm humbled, encouraged, and affirmed to go- and tears are streaming down my face as I type, I am so excited to love these children, and share the journey with you.

I'll be teaching photography, and we would love to bring and leave behind as many quality digital cameras as possible for the camp to use in the future.  We're also collecting musical instruments, but that's not my bag- You can Click Here for more info.

Watch this...

Would you help us do that?

You have an incredible opportunity to get directly connected to orphans in Africa- a continent broken down by AIDS, trafficking, poverty and slavery.  When you contribute to this project, you'll see photographs and stories directly from our experience- and see these children up close, with faces and names.  You'll see your gifts blessing them from thousands of miles away.  As you pray, give, and donate to this project, the distance closes in.  When I return, I'll do all I can to share the country, the children, and the camp with you, so it can be as real and tangible as possible.  This is an awesome opportunity for you to team up with your friends, your church, and your family to directly bless these children, and see exactly where your gifts have gone, and what they've done.

Here are some ways you can get involved: 

1. Get educated about Zambia, tell others, and pray.

2. Give a camera or an instrument.  Giving a child an opportunity to see and document their world through a lens, and discover photographic creativity, can change a life forever.  We are accepting gently used or new digital cameras.  They must be in excellent working order, with a rechargeable battery pack (with charger included) and a memory card no smaller than 2 GB.  A carrying case is preferred, but not required. 

Your camera may be dropped off or sent to:

The Ransom Church
5209 W 41st St. Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

 3. Donate.

If you'd like to donate toward the purchase of cameras for the camp, send your tax deductible donation to The Ransom Church, with Cameras for Zambia written in the Memo line

For those who have asked, if you would like to shoulder some of the burden of my own personal trip costs, send your tax deductible donation to The Ransom Church, with Megan Koch Zambia in the Memo line.

Checks may be sent to The Ransom at the above address.

Are you a photographer?  I'll be packing very light for this trip, and will not have access to online or hard drive storage of the thousands of files I will collect.  If you have surplus Compact Flash cards I could borrow for this trip, that would rock my world.  If you have extra cards to spare at the end of December, email me. They will of course be returned, at my expense, safe and sound.

All donations must be received by November 30.

Of course, if you have any questions shoot me an email.  I am so thrilled to have this opportunity, and it would be an honor to partner in it with you.

Feel free to right click and save the image above to display on your own blog or facebook page, along with a link to this post.  Pass it on.

Let's bring some love to Africa, Amen?


Lissa said...

I'm intrigued. Tell me more about this next time we talk....

Rachel said...

I have on 4 gig CF card (possibly two if I get it okayed with my husband) that you can borrow. I might just have a camera if I can find it. How long will you be gone?