Sunday, October 17, 2010


I renewed my passport last week.

I haven't used it since the year 2000.

Back when I was a younger, college-aged version of myself. 

But back to my point-  I'm going to Zambia in December with a nonprofit called Poetice.

I'll be working as a photojournalist, photographing every part of the experience, and teaching photography at a camp for more than 500 Zambian children.  We also hope to bring digital cameras (and musical instruments) with us to leave behind.  I'll post more on that later.

This opportunity is an intersection of everything I'm passionate about, and I'm thrilled to go.  If you know Jim and I personally, you know we care about orphans.  Our children authentically care about children they've never met who live without parents, or who are forced to work with little or no pay, or who are trafficked.  It makes perfect sense to them that I should be there (though Grace is very afraid about lions on my behalf).  I am so excited to bring back stories, and photographs, and experiences to share with them, to allow Africa to be more tangible to them.

Poetice works to raise awareness of social justice issues, as well as provides teaching, inspiration, and love for Zambian orphans in many ways- while introducing them to the arts.

If you're a creative person, you understand.  The arts are not the extras, the optional things on the fringes of life that we dabble in with our spare time.

Painting, sculpting, singing, playing instruments, photography, poetry- these are the things that can literally draw us up out of our pits. 

Especially in pain, there is a catharsis in creating and expressing ourselves.  I know having the ability to create is an inexplicable blessing to my life.  Creating literally keeps me sane.  And so I'm thrilled to be a part of something that introduces these children to outlets of creativity and generously gives them an opportunity they would not otherwise have to embrace music and art.

This is last-minute, and unexpected- and I am so thrilled to have this chance to go.  As things fall into place, I know all the details will be cared for.  And so with no hesitation, I'm slowly gathering up the things I need to take care of- like renewing my passport.  Check. 


Danielle said...

Wow, so excited for you!

Joe said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to the photos & story. Make sure you investigate the necessary vaccinations right away! If you need Hep A or B, there are multiple doses.