Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Twi-Recap.

Oh my word this was fun

I have got to say- my friends are awesome.  Ladies, you are sweet, encouraging, beautiful, and so. much. fun.

We laughed, we told stories, we unashamedly enjoyed the Twi-theme, we ate food (and incredible cakes- wow ladies!!), we drank from nice glasses, we soaked in the music and candlelit ambiance.

Seriously Lissa, er, ah, Bella- I am still laughing out loud about this. 

Moving on.

I absolutely love Ladies' Nights- I can never get over the power of set apart time for women to do lovely things together.  I love how automatically relational we women are-  talking, laughing, relating, listening, pulling away for quiet side conversations when our conversations get more serious or personal- because of course we'll talk beyond surface things- we're women.

And we, of course, played some Twi-Trivia.  It was a hoot. 


anne said...

looks like an amazing night. Love the decor :)

Anonymous said...

So fun Megan. You captured it so well. I am a huge fan of ladies' nights too. Love your decor as well!