Friday, September 17, 2010


Sometimes the wear of life leaves me feeling vulnerable, weak.  Like I could just break. 

Sometimes loving you goes that way. 

Some times are beautifully hard, and raw and leave me exposed.

But miraculously, when I feel pulled to loose threads, you'll say something.  Break something. Need something.  You'll look at me.

And in the full mystery and wonder of love not of myself, there it is.  The love that never wears out.  Never stretches beyond what it can bear.  Always full, always growing, always alive in my core, always ready to pour out to you.

And the love I need, and the love you need is there.  Never running out.  Never breaking down.  Always swelling and growing richer.

Especially in the times when I'm threadbare.

...And I give you all that I have to give
Give you all that I have to give
When I give you all that I have to give
I still have a storehouse full

This love is reciting me like a backwards rhyme
The more that you lose of yourself the more you find
Take me out of myself and into
The clothes of royalty
Love has taken me...

And I give you all that I have to give
But still have a storehouse full

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Danielle said...

Beautiful picture and song.