Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today, you are 3. 
All you wanted when we asked was cake,  an orange "flushie", and to play blocks.

From the moment you wake in the morning, you sound your barbaric YAWP as you swing wide your door and you are HERE.
You are full of sweetness and are so disarming.  You win us all over with your charm.

You know how to work a room, and have a vast repertoire of weird funny dances, goofy songs, noises, and unbelievably loud animal calls.

You absolutely love to see the stars come out in the night sky.  You're amazed and just throw your fat little body down on the ground so you can lay out and see them better.

You can eat more marshmallows than any kid I've ever seen. 

Your body is soft, squishy, strong, and sturdy.  Incredibly perfect to squeeze and snuggle.  Your hair smells good.  And you're a hugger.  A big one.  And there's always kisses too.  You are so, so sweet.

But when you see your Dad, or just about any other man or boy you know, you're not shy about running full out toward them and throwing all your weight to tackle them.

But you just do that do the boys.  Never the girls.  Well, except for Lily.  Sometimes Lily.

It's extremely hard to get you to sit still, or even keep you in the room for a haircut.  You fight a bloody fight and scream and beg and demand, and at the end you're a sweaty, defeated shaved mess.
It would be easier to shave the cat than you.

You love all things transportation- trains, cars, planes, and you love bugs, Buzz, and Wall-E. 
But you're well educated on all things Princess as well.  You know them all by name.  You don't really care about them, but you know it all through and through. 

We laugh with, and at, you every day.

Love you Buddy.  Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom


anne said...

3?!!! How is this possible Megan?! What a sweet boy you have there.
Happy Birthday Hudson!

April said...

We were just talking about Hudson's Birthday today and when it was, so tell him Happy Birthday from Ella and all the Thompsons! Hope he enjoys his cake!