Sunday, August 15, 2010

Forever 29.

I'm turning 29 in a couple of weeks.

It feels so significant to me. 

Like, I'm not at all worried about turning 30.  I feel very young, and I love life, I love my life, I love to see growth and change and all that God has done with each passing year, especially what He's done with struggle, frustration, pain, or ordinariness.  It's never simple or easy at the time, but every passing year, I've got so much to marvel.

And I'm excited to keep living.  30 doesn't bother me.  I'm even excited for it.

On a regular basis, someone asks if I'm a nanny, or comments on how young I look.  I will happily state that I'm in my 30's once I am.  And once I'm in my 40's, I'll probably be pining for someone to be astonished at how young I look for my age.  So, I'll try to appreciate it.  But frankly, I'm going to be thrilled to say I'm at least in my 30s, so people can stop asking how old I was when I had my first baby (Because they do.  I was 21, thankyouverymuch everyone born without a tact gene).

But 29.  The last year of my twenties.  I love it.  I don't want to repeat my 20's, but they were good to me.  God has been good to me.  For all the huge, significant milestones of the last decade, I want to celebrate. 

One more year before my twenties are gone forever.  And I hope I'm forever as gracefully accepting of aging as I am right now.  Really, I know I'll change, but, I hope for that.  I can't stop it, so I should work with it, right?

So what should I do? 

Jim said I should get a tattoo across my back (joking).  He also said he had other ideas, ones that aren't appropriate for mentioning on this platform.  I have no idea what he's thinking.

I said I had been thinking about getting my nose pierced, but just don't know that I can pull it off.  I was telling as much to some friends tonight and no one jumped to my nose's coolness defense, so I don't know that it would fly.  I know I"m getting my hair cut.  But then again, I do that every three months...  I might do something a little different just for fun, but, that's not "big" enough.

It doesn't have to be huge.  Just something to celebrate that I'm growing up, but I've still got it.

I'm thinking on it...


Life with The Dynamic Duo said...

If you want to get your nose pierced then I say DO IT! I was going to say that tonight, but was just kind of in and out of it.
;-) It's your attitude about it that makes you able to pull it off and your nose would look perfectly well and good with a cute little stud in it. 27, when I entered my "late" 20's was the big one for me. I just turned 30 on the 7th and I am proud to say it, it doesn't make me feel old, it makes me feel a bit more distinguished as a woman actually. So, congrats to 29!

Lissa said...

I think you should take your hair red....or purple.

anne said...

I think you have the perfect schnoz for a lil' piercing action. I wanted to do it for so long and when I finally did it a year{ish} ago I was so glad I did it.

Happy {soon to be 1st 29th} anniversary! that?!

ps- a lil' somethin' something is coming your way !

I'll tell you, it's wierd being 30. Not bad, but it is strangly different. who knew?

Steph said...

I thought I did say you should go for it with nose piercing! I must have thought it and then it didn't actually come out of my mouth. Your nose would be perfectly cute pierced. In fact I think your nose is great and it would only be accented by some bling!!!!