Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't Steal.

My blog of my little family is on the World Wide Web.  I get it.  It's a big place out there.  Scores of people check in on us every day, and that's sort of the mystery of a blog.  Really, the benefits far outweigh the occasional weirdness that this type of creative outlet sometimes has.

But- for a long time now, people from Brazil, and Sioux Falls, and many other places have been downloading my photographs for their own use. 

When you download pictures of flowers, or sunsets,  or animals, or food- whatever.  I get it.  This is a price I pay for openness.  Most people just read our little blog.  Some people abuse it.  It doesn't bother me much.  It seems so out of my hands, and I'm not your judge.

But for those of you who check our blog several times throughout the day, I wonder why.

And for those of you who download pictures of my children- especially to the person who keeps downloading pictures of Patience and Grace, you're crossing a line.  You can't possibly have a good reason to want those.

So stop it.  You've got to stop it, and find another hobby.  Because it's not right.  And if you don't stop it, this blog will go private and you'll have to move on.

I get it- it's a price to pay for living an open-book life online.  But don't abuse it and ruin it for all our loved ones, family, sweet strangers, and friends near and far that want to keep up with the Kochs.

Stop stealing, and find a creative outlet that blesses others, rather than taking from them. 



Alexia said...

AMEN! You have to keep your family safe.

Sarah said...

"like" :)

Miranda said...


anne said...

BUMMER that it has come to this.
Anyway you can find out where they are downloading from?
ps---how doknow if people
ARE indeed downloading your pics and which ones?
e-mail me...I'm clueless.

Anonymous said...

I"m clueless too--B

Lisa said...

that gives me the eeby geebies. you are so talented & your girls so beautiful, but really? ugh! hope the heed your warning!

Anonymous said...

Wow, That's awful. I'm sorry that someone is doing that! Praying it stops! I would miss reading here!