Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Children Were Harmed in the Reading of These Books.

About once a month I do a little post to say what I've read in the last four weeks.  Well, I'm not ashamed.  This is a post about what I read in the last four days.


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

Usually, I can't stand reading or watching anything that can't be "real".  Anything fantasy is a rare thing for me to love.  It can happen.  But not often.

Usually, if "everyone" is reading something, I'm automatically repelled by it.  I almost always resist the bandwagon.

This is a series millions of people adore, and it's beyond reality.  Two big strikes.

And I already basically knew the whole plot line.  With something this crazy popular, it's impossible to avoid the vernacular.

I love the movies.  But would never invest time in the books.

I caved.

And I loved every 2000+ page of it.


anne said...

I fought it too.
I denied it...mocked it...said I would never...
I was PROMISED it would be love.

ANd they were right.

Lisa said...

I kind of felt the same way. And then I read them & thought they were great. And the movies? Skip 1 &2 ~ but 3 was GREAT!