Thursday, July 15, 2010

More American Girl Stuff Boys Don't Understand

The American Girls.  Grace, Patie, and Lily finally got to open and love on their girls today.  Pictures to follow, at some point, I'm sure.

We've been waiting and waiting.  It is good to have a wise mother who knows the power of delayed gratification.  This has been fun.

While they waited, we nested. 

Daddy made a triple-decker bunk bed with tiny storage cubbies, and we painted it white.  We made bedding (as well as a mother with zero handcraft skills can do) and I'm proud of it.  Pictures to follow, at some point, I'm sure.

The girls purchased adorable and soft flannel pajamas for their girls on etsy.

We collected bows, clips, pins and the like and created tons of hair accessories.

The girls got busy, making customized games, pictures, necklaces, bracelets, and other little things for their girls- like matching restaurant menus, big for the big girls, and tiny for the American girls, with matching menus for when they play restaurant.  All their own ideas. 

Basically, we've been to Michaels a lot.

  And you know the AG girls need a special bag all their own so they can easily go out and about.

The luggage tags were from the $1 spot at Michaels.  I put these notes in here to appeal to any finder of a lost American Girl to please help her get home and please not turn around and sell her on ebay because there is a real little girl crying her eyes out somewhere.  Let's hope we never need to use them.  And if we do, that the girl is returned safe and sound.

Oh, and this morning, would you believe it, each American Girl was waiting with a hand-written letter just for their special friend.  I know.  Our American Girls can write.  They are basically brilliant.  Way smarter than any of the other American Girls you've ever met. 

Again, photos of all of this to follow, at some point, I'm sure.

I love being a girl with my girls.


Miranda said...

Megan. Wow. That is so awesome! You are such a good momma! I can't wait to see photos!!

B Dunn said...

Can I ask you a super nerdy question? What font did you use on Grace's letter? I really like it