Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Early Birds

You know what?  When you're with your kids, vacation is not about sleeping in.  It's about waking up 3 hours earlier than normal, and being wide awake and ready to get the party started.  Well.  At least that's what it's about for kids.  So, we had to go with it.  

But you know what?  Nothing opens until 10.  So you've just got to take a super long time to get ready for the day.  And then eat your breakfast really, really slow.  That's how you do it.

Then, when you've still got an hour to kill, you fight the urge to wish for that extra vacation sleep you could have had, and you wait in the parking lot.


Colleen said...

Do you vacation in IKEA? ;)

I can almost see that working. :)

Katie said...

Thanks A LOT, now Im craving Starbucks. Do you mean summer vacation or are you on vacation somewhere?

Keri said...

You know, I've never stepped foot in an Ikea in my life, or even seen a catalog. It's all I hear about from my girlfriends though. I'm sure there's one around here with NYC and Philly so close....although maybe I should just stay away to save the damage to our checking account :)

Miranda said...

LOVE it!