Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My whole young life I fantasized about having a sister.  A bonus child a decade behind my 3 older brothers, I grew up, essentially, as an only child.

And I was dying for a sister. 

When I was 5 years old I was so jealous of a classmate's new baby sister I completely fabricated a story in which my mother had, also, just given birth to a baby girl.  That's right, I had a baby sister too.  For a couple of days.  Until I got found out.

I always, always wanted a sister.  A family.  Like a real one, with tons of people to fight with, and to love on.

And now, here we are.  I never got that sister, but I do have that family my heart was always aware it was missing.

A big, bustling, loud, crazy, loving family.  Messes and traditions and inside jokes and lots and lots of mutual affection that far outweighs the squabbles.

I've got a man I love and he loves me and we know it.  And 4 kids that are as different as can be, but also couldn't be the best of who they are without one another.

And for all the time I spent wanting for a sister, I now have the daily joy of watching these three girls grow up enjoying all the sisterhood I never had.


Life with The Dynamic Duo said...

I always wanted a sister as well. I actually fabricated a twin. ;-)

Kimberly said...

I totally relate. Even though I had siblings our ages and strange mixed family relationships never made us thick as thieves, if anything it created an environment of competition. My heart ached to be apart of a big, normal (what I perceived as normal) family. And I so married into that. God was good to hear that cry in my heart. And watching my daughter having the older brother I desperately longed for, does my heart good.

I love this post. It teared me up. Your girls are so precious. I love the wedgie. Swimsuit wedgies are the cutest!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

this is the most sentimental and beautiful picture :) I absolutely love it, and I feel the same way about always having wanting a sister. I had a little brother and two older brothers (13 & 15 years older) but I wanted a sister so much!