Monday, June 28, 2010

Ladies of Sioux Falls this is for You...

Thinking of starting up a Beth Moore study in the next couple of weeks to finish out the summer.  That means ladies only, make that Sioux Falls ladies only, may apply.  The application process is simple- you just have to email me before Wednesday, and we'll figure out which one we'll do and when it will shake down. 

If you're interested, I know it will be a great opportunity to grow, learn, and just enjoy being together.

We'll meet once a week at my house to talk, share, support each other, watch the week's DVD that corresponds with our week of study, and there will be snacks.  And probably iced tea and diet soda.

Beth Moore studies are never, ever a waste of time, because time with Jesus is never, ever a waste of time.  No doubt it will be good.

Are you in?  Shoot me an email or facebook me.

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