Thursday, June 3, 2010


He is such a great little kid.

Charming, adorable, incredibly sweet.

He can just knock you over with his charm.

This bike is pink.

He loves to be big. Can't wait to get bigger.
The world revolves around his blanket, and his Daddy. When Dad walks in the door, it's, "I want to be wi' youuu, Daddy!!", and Jim has a buddy the rest of the night.
When I need him to do something I know he won't want to do, I just tell him, "Let's _____, and do it like Daddy does", or, "Hudson, let's be big, like Daddy". It usually works.

He loves to be rough with the guys, and be sweet and cuddly with the ladies. And he's all things and in between with his sisters. Sometimes obnoxious, but that's his job.

He works hard to get all the doors for us.

He's not big on sitting still, but he's getting there.

And we all agree he's great to have around.

Love you, HJ.

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Katie said...

What the! When did he get so big?? He's beautiful. Boys can be beautiful. I said so. ;)