Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Mess.

We hear, and see, all over, the affects of motherhood. 

The image in our society says:

Moms get frumpy.

Moms get lost and caught up in the myriad tasks and filth of an average day.

Moms forget about taking care of themselves as they get absorbed in caring for their children.  Completely absorbed.

Moms neglect their marriage, claiming there's no time to find for it.

Moms are exhausted.

Housewives are desperate.

Everyone gets to choose how they rock their bod, their wardrobe, their lifestyle.  Whether they're a parent or not.  Whether they balance a double career in and out of the house, or are home full time.  So let's not get caught up in that judgement circle.  We all live differently.  That's not where I'm going here.

This is about your heart.

You were meant to live free.  Free to make mistakes and live full.  Free to live out your purpose.  Not expectations, yours or someone else's.  Free to serve poured out with all your heart without attachment to your self.  Free from comparisons to others, so you can see clearly the thing you should set out to do.

Free to be beautiful but not vain. 

Free to inspire but not intimidate. 

To be humbled, and empowered.

Freedom to fail.  And to get the victory.

To be exhausted after much work, but not sin as a result of it.

To be supported, and also feel confident and secure that you're equipped for every moment.

Free to live whole.  Free to thrive in a whole marriage.  Free to raise up children who will grow up free.

Because a broken down woman teaches her children the same.

For me, motherhood has not at all been about "letting myself go". 

I've discovered in the mysteries of big love and big mess and big mistakes the freedom to let my self go free. 

No chains. 


I'm such a better, fuller, mightier woman for it.

Life is not ever perfection.  It's a beautiful mess.


Danielle said...

Love this. Me too.

Kiki said...

Perfectly put.