Wednesday, May 19, 2010


His name is Pippen.
He is 9 months old.
Orphaned twice, and now ours for good.
Unbelievably sweet, loving, and all the right kinds of riff raff that a great Westie should be.

And more than happy to share the burden of guarding house and kin from all threats foreign and domestic.

It's a duty Bebo takes very seriously, and he has been happy to mentor in a new partner.

After just over a week, he's nicely settled in, he's now securely sure that a car trip is always just a fun ride and not a trip back to the shelter, and we're all (even the cats) happy to have such a phenomenal guy join the crew.

Yes, we got just one more.

And that makes us a house of eleven.

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Colleen said...

Congrats on the new addition. He's adorable!