Friday, April 16, 2010

Fill Up My Cup

I just bought new glasses. Out with the old (there were only 3 left anyway) to make room for all 12 shiny new ones. This is our third complete set of everyday glassware in 8 years. Is that normal? Or do we burn through them too fast?
As I washed these, I decided they are my favorite ones yet.


Danielle said...

Oh we're on our second set in 6 years, so I don't think that isn't normal. And you know what, my husband's broken most of them, not the kids, ha ha!!

Lissa said...

We are still on the set we got for our wedding. 9 years in July!

Kiki said...

Those are pretty and summery.

We're on our third set in 8 years. Second set in three years. The first set lasted the longest. Probably because we didn't use them because they were so heavy!

Megan said...

the nice thing about these is that they're substantial but not too heavy- and the circles look really cool- but the "bump" is on the inside and the outside is totally smooth and nice to hold. they're classic with a touch of modern. love it. and the circles invert the image of what's reflected in them, which is fun.