Thursday, March 25, 2010

♥ Your Core.

A couple of weeks ago, Jim decided he wanted to get an exercise ball to replace his chair at work. So of course I got one too, so I could do the same.
How did we live without these???
This ball has changed my life in just 2 weeks.
Not only is sitting on the ball, rather than a chair awesome for your core, and your back and shoulders (especially if your job keeps you at the computer, clicking and typing away all day), but it also helps me stay at the desk longer- I hate sitting still for more than 10-15 minutes, and now, while I'm working away, I can wiggle, and bounce, and fit in some crunches, stretch, whatever, while I'm working. And my clicking arm and neck haven't been sore after working for long stretches.
Everyone in the house sort of fights over mine. But it's mine.
And yes, Jim brought his to work. He's a well-respected guy around his office, so he's got enough street cred built up that no matter how many joking snide remarks he gets, really, everyone just thinks he's cool for it. All those engineers are secretly pining to have one of their own. They covet it. I just know. Either way, my man's core is going to be able to kick the behind of any other dude's core in that office in no time.


Lissa said...

Apparently there is a school teacher here in sioux falls who got a grant for her classroom for each child to have a ball instead of a chair. She got it and they all sit on balls now. It's done amazing things for her kids both physically and mentally. Crazy!

Joe said...

@Lissa Interesting! Well for one thing, you wouldn't dare fall asleep on a stability ball.
@Megan How does Jim feel after a day of sitting on that? I would think I'd be hobbling in pain!