Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, like I said a long time ago, one day I photographed our regular Target run. By run, I mean, our drive 20 minutes out of our way to the other side of the city to go the "Big Target", so the girls call it. It is big. And it is nice. Oh so much nicer than the one close to our house that we usually go to. And it's quiet, and it's clean. It's a whole day thing. We plan all our errands and our library trip for that side of town, so that makes up for it. In winter, even simple trips out are really, really big. So it's a favorite event.

We walk around the whole store, get the two or three things we need (because we go on the off-week from my big, bi-weekly grocery/everything we need trip for two weeks worth of "everything". Inevitably, something pops up in between there that we need. And that's why it's important to go to Target. See?

Moving on. We get the two things we need, and the girls may or may not splurge out of their own pocketbooks. Because it's not even about getting anything. It's just nice to be there.

And then we pickup a few snack-lunch items, and check out. Then we head over to the Starbucks for hot chocolate and coffee, and eat before heading out to do the rest of our errands.

It's an important ritual for all of us.

And so kids, that's why I shot it, and that's why I posted it here.

I took these in February. Look at all that snow. Hallelujah, almost all of it is gone now. And yesterday when we hit Target, it was a balmy 51 degrees- warm enough that we just couldn't do hot chocolate, and got a fountain pop instead. It was a big day. All 5 of us were thrilled.
Sunshine, indeed, is good medicine for the soul.
Thanks for doing everyday things with me every day kids. You do it so well. I'll try to keep documenting it.


Kiki said...

I love those fun errands. What a good idea to document them!

And your Target has the nice, new carts!

anne said...

LOVEloveLOVE this. Wonderful documentation of fun memories.

I KID YOU NOT...about 3 months AFTER we moved down to good ole' KY they built and now have a "big" Target about a mile from our old home.

Ridiculous I tell ya!

Shelby-Grace said...

That is the nicest Starbucks I have seen in a Target. The 2 that are near me are really small. I love that yours has nice tables and chairs and what seems like a big area to sit and relax in.

If your Target was near me I would be there way too much!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

What a great family ritual. I love it. And, I love Target. In fact, I love Target so much, I "fasted" from Target last October & didn't go for the whole month. My wallet was thankful! The sad part was, my 3 year old asked me 2-3 times a week during the "Target fast" if we could go to Target. She loves it as much as I do!