Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Lately, you leave me staring, Grace. All of the sudden, you are so, so grown up.

All of the sudden, you're tall, and more and more mature (though you've always been for your age), but now, you're so mature, so, well, grown-up.

And it's hard to give up doing some of the grown-up things you'd like to do, when your not-so-grown up younger brother and sister need to go home.

But, thank God, you have Patience, who is not your opposite, so much as your amazing counterpart. You two are inseparable, and so very good for one another.

And you handle your job of leading your sisters and brother well, and you do it with love, even when you're frustrated, and you take your very hard duty of being our guinea pig child with, appropriately, grace.

You have the deepest, most thoughtful thoughts. Like a short adult. At some highly-intellectual book club. Seriously, daughter, you amaze me.

You rarely create something without having a reason for doing it one way or another, for placing the colors just so.

And you're a giver. You're a gift-making giver, several times a day.

When we write you little notes, you keep them forever.

And as terrifying as it is, the years confirm that we are exactly alike. I don't know if I should be proud, or apologize.

And you're obsessed about Martha Stewart and Oprah. Yesterday, after seeing the preview for today's Oprah, you mentioned to me, "Mom, we need to make sure we watch Oprah tomorrow, because they're going to show you how to look taller, and I really want to know."

You could build a small studio apartment attached to Target and happily live there, and you organize rooms of our house for relaxation.

You're never afraid of hard issues, and you're never afraid to ask hard questions. And you don't want a blanket answer. You want a discussion.

And Grace, my heart broke a little the day this year when I noticed you'd all of the sudden become very aware of how you'd like to look when photographed. You want so much to look distinguished, mature. No longer quite as un-self-conscious or silly as small children tend to be, you're now trying very hard to achieve that "look" you believe to be ideal. And it is beautiful. Although sometimes, it looks a little silly and well, weird, you're perfecting it in the mirror when you do your hair. And it's getting there.
And with a little coaxing- well, a lot of coaxing- sometimes I can break you, and get a few giggles out. Sometimes.


Kiki said...

This is so sweet. She is a beautiful girl.

Ali said...

What a lovely post! Your girl is beautiful! Visiting your blog form i heart faces community and love what I'm seeing! Your pictures are so wonderful!

Lisa said...

i so get every ounce of that, Megan. My Julia is a minime. The things that drive me crazy about her are things that drive me crazy about myself. and she's getting so dang big ....too, too fast. beautiful post on beautiful Grace!