Friday, March 5, 2010

Soft Spot

Whenever I brush Bebo, it's a little battle. He hides for an obligatory amount of time, about 3 minutes, at the sight of the brush. Then he hangs his head low and comes out. But still doesn't come to me. After persistent urging, he cowers and takes his place on the floor at my feet. He knows I'm going to win. But what kind of a man-dog would he be if he just rolled over and took it?

After our little submission game, he sits nicely, with forlorn-turned ears and I get the job done.

Whenever Hudson gets out the brush, and brings it to Bebo, he just sits right there, and takes it. Every single stroke. No matter how rough Hudson's touch gets. He never runs away.

What can I say, he's got a soft spot for little people.