Friday, February 12, 2010

That One Kind

I remember vividly the snapshot moment when I knew. The very first moment I knew I loved you. Not as a friend, not as my neighbor, but that One kind.

It was snowing, upon snowing, upon snowing. And it was deep. And it was cold. And it was windy. And it was very late. And you lived at the complete opposite end of campus from me.

You threw on your coat, we said goodnight, and you walked out- ready to walk all.the.way.home.

A minute later, I turned to my fourth floor window see the crazy storm, and there you were, in the parking lot, walking away. In the cold, cold, cold. And instantly, I wanted to be the one walking in it, if it meant you didn't have to. I didn't know where that selfless thought came from, selfless thoughts being rare for me, but there it was, instantly and easily called up from my heart and in that moment, I knew it. I knew you had me.

This wasn't the love word I'd easily thrown around to a hundred friends, though I loved them, and it certainly wasn't the love I professed over new shirts, or songs or hobbies. Not that kind of love.

It was Love. The I'll Go Where You Go and Stay Where You Stay Love. The Never Leave You Even if I Hate You Love. The Make a Promise I Don't Ever Back Out On Love. The Give Up My Selfish Plans Love. That Love.

There it was.

And there you were, the one I loved, walking away in a blizzard.

Last week, as we talked you had an idea for something you're working on at work. And you needed to quick write it down on the nearest piece of mail so you didn't forget. 15 minutes later this whole booklet was covered. And you were thinking it out.

Jim I don't always understand you.
But I'm not going anywhere.

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Danielle said...

Aw, that's so great!