Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ordinaryness is not a word. I Checked.

We do all kinds of great stuff during the week when no one else is around. Like go to the zoo, museums, shopping, parks. Midweek, Mid-Morning, no one's out doing this stuff. Until summer, then some places are a little touch-and-go all day, but, it's summer, so you're happy and warm and you roll with it.

On the weekend, we stay away from all those places because they become twilight zones of out-of-towners and frenzied shoppers, coming to our big city from the small, surrounding places. Good for them. They keep our economy running. But they make traffic crazy. There's like, people, hundreds of people, everywhere. Craziness. So we keep our weekends low key, and bake, go to off-the-beaten path parks, and do other stuff that pops up in life.

But back to my point, because I have one, we have the flex and freedom to enjoy things midweek.

Last week, I brought my DSLR everywhere. I took pictures of all kinds of everyday things we do when we're out, like, shopping at Target, and going to the Washington Pavilion.

Here's a few shots from The Pav, as I call it in my mind to myself, and YES, I promise, a few shots from Target are coming sometime soon. I know, I know, pins and needles to see this wonderful ordinaryness.

I just wanted to get out and shoot some normal, life as it happened, stuff we do on a weekly basis. Because I celebrate the everyday. To save you from a photojournalistic tour de force, I am only sharing a few shots. You can thank me in whatever way you feel appropriate.

Lily's behind is always before me. It's an unstoppable force. Girl can not keep her pants up.

We've been here about 57 times, but the Water Cycle slide was more fun today because we'd just learned about it in class the day before (with ACTIONS!).

I don't think I could have gotten that shot any straighter.

What did I tell you?

The most fantastic people volunteer at the Pavilion during the week. Lots of super-friendly retired teacher empty nester types that LOVE children. This guy, in addition to having fun animals to touch, does a mean ball in cups trick. Gets the girls every time. If you live here, you should definitely get in on this. It's astonishing.

There's actually several levels to the science center, I just didn't take pictures of EVERYTHING on this day. There's also a free art/creativity room for kids in the Visual Arts center- and your small children may like going through the Art exhibits more than you'd expect.
And finally, this year, your membership includes unlimited trips to see Cinedome movies.

Slay my heart, that child is adorable.


Anne Elizabeth said...

This looks like so much fun! Love the picture of the turtles.

Ashley said...

Even now (eight years after I left SF) I miss the Pavilion every now and then ...

I absolutely LOVE that Patie's just diving for that snake. I can't fully explain it.

Kimberly said...

This pictures are so cute!!! We do the same, venture out during the week to avoid the crazy weekend crowds:) I use to try and lug my camera around but it gets so cumbersome. I like your idea of only doing it once in a while:) Now I use my flip everywhere we go and I am a horrible videographer, hahaha!!

Your girls are so precious! Hope you have a great Thursday!

Jenn Boerger said...

Looks like fun! A good reminder to me to try and get out more! We've been such home-bodies lately, or going to the same old, same old (like library or mommies group at church). A little day of adventure would sure spice it up!

anne said...

Your kids are great, and you are a ROCKIN' Mom and TEACHER.
I also am VERY EXCITED about the up and coming TAR-JAY shots!