Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Many Capital Letters? You decide.

It's FINISH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WEEK at my house, all things involving my, house. Next week it's FINISH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WEEK, for all things spring semester lesson plans. The weekend after that, it's GET YOUR CATS SPAYED AND DECLAWED WEEKEND, which surprisingly, as we have to get our cat-loving kids out of the house so the felines can heal in peace and bandages, is also going to mean a MINI-STAYCATION WITH LOVIN' MAN WHILE KIDS ARE AT GRANDMA'S NOT MISSING US WEEKEND. The week after THAT begins FINISH YOUR TAXES AND DO 1000 THINGS FOR FULL LIFE AS PRODUCTIVELY AS YOU CAN BEFORE THE END OF FEBRUARY EXTRAVAGANZA.

All this and a great life too. Doesn't get much better than that.

I think all those CAPS really added something to the conversation.

In the midst of all this, I can't help but post a shout out to CHUCK, who is coming back this weekend- and you can read all about Mr. Chuck, Zachary Levi, down there- he's on the cover of the current issue of RELEVANT.... which, is, actually, always in all CAPS (and is also one of my favorite magazines/websites/podcasts).

RELEVANT Magazine - Jan./Feb. 2010 :: Zac Levi

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1 comment:

anne said...

It's "get 'er organized" this week and next at my house.
It's horrible. I have one room done...8 to go.
When it is done though, it's going to be great.

that article is great. Thanks for sharing...the things you can learn :)