Friday, January 29, 2010

First Tooth.

Patience, today you became big. Three bites into your lunch apple, and you were officially big. You are so proud. You are so sure. That you're big now. You waited forever for this day. Now it's here. You yelled, "Mommy! I lost my tooth!" Then you ran to the bathroom to look, holding your tiny treasure in your hand. You said it feels funny. But you like it.
I told you we'd have to take your picture to show everyone- then it hit me. Grace's first tooth picture flashed in my mind and I realized- you're wearing the very exact same overalls today that she was wearing the day she lost her first tooth. And you never wear these overalls. Not ever. This is maybe the second time in a year.
So I think they must be lucky.


Shelby-Grace said...

What a happy day for her! She looks so proud in her picture!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations, Patience!! So exciting! And a very precious picture:)

Jenn Boerger said...

Yeah, Patie! It's fun to be little, and it's fun to be big. Enjoy both!