Monday, December 21, 2009

We've got a 7 PM date with the TV.

OK, I know you're busy with kids on Christmas Break, and last-minute presents to wrap, and cookies to eat and menus to plan and tables to set....But before you get too far lost in Christmas-Prep Bliss this week...
don't forget to watch the finale of Sing Off tonight!!
If you aren't already caught up, you can see the first three nights online here.
This show was so awesome!

The inner cool-geek in me is absolutely in love with this competition! You just have got to respect how talented these people are, and how hard they've worked! And I love how humble everyone is, and you can tell how much pure joy they have just in creating and performing. They're real rockstars, no kidding! To be perfectly honest with you, I've gone back and watched the performances a couple of times more. The songs have been in my head all week.
My thoughts on the finalists:
First of all, I loved just about everyone, so it was hard to pick a favorite for me this entire time, but:
Nota: They're going to win. No doubt. Totally amazing, and as for the prize- a recording contract- these guys are the best, and most mass-marketable, for sure. You never miss the band.
Voices of Lee: How sweet are they? Totally great! I just loved them- they're super-talented and likable, and I bet Christian labels (who they'd really want anyway) will be interested in them, or in individuals in the group. I love Voices of Lee! Also, I love Alicia Keys, and I loved their cover of No One. Loved it.
Beelzebubs: Oh my goodness!!! How adorable are those guys!! By far they are the MOST entertaining and endearing to watch- and I just want to bake them all cookies, teach them how to do their laundry, and cook them a good home-cooked meal. Right Round was so perfect- I loved the nerds juxtaposed with Rap. LOVED IT.
And can I just say how much I LOVED the SoCals???? I was so sad to see them go! Their Journey medley was so awesome, I couldn't believe they were eliminated that night!
The judges were great- I LOVE Ben Folds- and seeing Shawn Stockman was a great blast from the past, and he had great things to say. I admit, I haven't followed Nicole Scherzinger's every career move- but I can say she has the ability to say something and nothing all at the same time- and I'm positive SNL could do a fantastic parody of her with ease.
Our girls were totally glued to the show right with me, and even went back to re-watch too. We'll be there tonight, on the couch and glued to the finals for sure.

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Rachel said...

I'm of course pulling fo Voices of Lee since Lee is my alma mater, but I'm thinking the Bubs are going to win. Can't wait to see!