Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Candy Land

If you're one of those holiday, gingerbread house purists, and you saw the below picture and are already shaking your head, there's no need to read on...well, wait, this post includes very cute kids, so you might want to stay tuned in.

In case you were wondering, these kits are TOTALLY worth EVERY penny. If you're terrible at constructing things with your hands, and short on attention span in the kitchen like me, this is the next best invention since those Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses.

LOOK AT THAT! NO BAKING! NO PAINFUL CONSTRUCTION OF A TERRIBLY BUILT GINGERBREAD HOUSE!! It comes out of the box fully assembled- REAL, sweet/spicy gingerbread, solidly put-together, yet not "perfect", so anyone who lives in a hole and may not have seen these at their local discount retailer would absolutely think you did it all yourself.

It comes with plenty of candy and frosting (which tastes really good btw, and is the only thing you have to "prepare", using your hand mixer- they even include the bag and tip). All for $8. Merry Christmas, and Good Night, that's a good deal.

Then all you need to add is cute kids,

a blizzarding day,

and some imagination.
Yes, you're getting a view from every angle.
I include this one only because Grace is unintentionally making a Zoolander face.

Ooooh, you can just tell he's going to be trouble...

We did this yesterday...and by this morning....

He employed his 2 year old self-control enough to not destroy anything, but to merely sneak a couple harmless pieces that surely wouldn't be missed. This, naturally, was done while I was in the laundry room.
I admire his keen sense of reasoning and his desire to seize the proper moment.


Mandy said...

Adorable! What great pictures and memories you make!

Shelby-Grace said...

That looks like the way to go when doing a gingerbread house. I did one a couple of years ago from scratch, and what a headache it was! I enjoyed doing it in the end, but this way would have been much more enjoyable!