Monday, November 9, 2009


Meet Beau and Lisa. Now, I typically don't let shots of clients trickle their way over here, but, I couldn't help but introduce you. Many clients become friends during the process of talking and working together, which has been a very pleasant surprise to me. But see, Lisa was already my friend. So this was a particularly special shoot, and I think it's altogether necessary that you get to know her too, and to top it off, she's preparing to marry a phenomenal man. So there you go.

When I met Lisa, I instantly loved her, as I believe most everyone does. And when I met Beau, I knew he was one of those rare and wonderful guys, too, and when you see the two of them together, it just makes perfect sense. They're the type of people that make your day better just for seeing them. And you can learn so much about someone through the intimacy of a photo shoot. This is when everyone's realness really comes out. I love that about this job. Love it. And these two were so natural, so at ease, so great at just being who they are without an ounce of pretension- its was just a fantastic way to spend a crisp autumn morning.

Can you imagine the fantastic babies they're going to make? When these two multiply, the world is going to be a better place for it. I digress.

Marriage takes an incredible amount of intentionality and hard work and love- which comes easily some days, and with a little more effort on others. But I know they are going to have a fantastic marriage. Not because they're perfect people, but because this is right. It's just obvious, they are right together. Wonderful counterparts. And they'll do what it takes, and it will be a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, check out this righteous fox! Virtuous and passionate and just gorgeous. What a great gift for Beau, wow!

You can see a few more here and here - but would you take a moment to leave Lisa a comment and tell her how smokin' hot she is today? Hop on over from Facebook or Reader and leave your best marriage advice and blessings for her too, if you'd like. Here's a direct link to this post. I'd love to pass them on to her. Because she's out in the world making it a better place today, so I'd love to return the favor and make her day a little brighter too.


anne said...

sheesh...really a beautiful woman!
Congratulations to Lisa & Beau!
Praying that God would use their marriage to draw them closer to hiim! :)

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Tara. said...

She's beautiful!

Jenn Boerger said...

Great photos, Megan! And it helps to have such a lovely couple to photograph! As always, love your work.

Amy said...

Great photos..great couple!!