Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best in Show

Have you ever been to a Dog Show? We have been to a few. It's fantastic for kids. It's probably going to be very inexpensive to get in, and then your kids can see about 500 kinds of dogs up close, and watch as their owners and trainers buff, puff, primp and prepare them for competition. And then you can watch them compete. It's the cat's meow. (Yes, you're not mistaken. That's a stupid joke I just told you).

Prep your kids before going about not approaching the dogs, and NOT touching them unless they ask and an owner says it's OK.

That said, owners, in our experience are fantastic people. Because they're dog people. And these dogs are their babies. And we came to adore them. And the owners LOVE to let you adore their dogs, and they like to allow their dogs to socialize as much as possible, too. Unless it's almost showtime. Then back off, Buck-O.

We had a great time. It's always fun to see so many dogs in one place. They are so varied and unique. So are their owners. And yes, many of them looked like their dogs. And many of them reminded me of Best in Show.

That's right. This one is getting Flat Ironed.
This groomer and smiling (hilarious) dog reminded me of that scene in Steel Magnolias when Truvy is teasing Shelby's hair for her wedding. I was really far away, so the shot is fuzzy, but, that little dog just ate this up.

Our girls wear a decent amount of bling at home, and usually wear a little "real" jewelry, like necklaces, when we're out, but recently, Grace has taken to wearing BLING out, as well. Because she's older. You know, like a sort of, Bling Coming Out, if you will.

Our kids pick out their own clothes. I try to exercise Mom Veto Power only when absolutely necessary, to encourage independence. Patie loves these socks.

I can't tell what Jim is about to say here...but since there's already too many pictures in this post, I thought I'd throw it in.
These dogs were great. They just love to compete. And most LOVE to get their picture taken. This is only a FEW snapshots of goofy, beautiful canines. Most owners and trainers LOVE to have their dogs' photographed. They just like showing off their little prides and joy. Some people practically threw their dogs in front of my lens.

Trainers loved to let their dogs sniff and cuddle our kids. We talked all kinds of dog talk. It's a good time to think of every honest compliment you can say about their dogs- it really blesses them, and just makes them want to talk even more about the little performer. And dogs can tell when you're talking nice about them. And then they get even sweeter. It's a good time to appreciate how varied these dogs are, and what makes their breed special.

This dog's snout was so long, his nose wasn't in focus and it should have been. That cracks me up.



Shelby-Grace said...

Loved your pictures! Especially the first one. That's the kind of dog we have. Only he's never that nicely groomed:)

Kimberly said...

This is a great idea!! And Ive been letting Noah dress himself too. Lord have mercy, I nearly bleed I bit my tongue so hard some days. I can't tell you how often his underoos go on backward and his shoes on the wrong feet (which I only allow with crocs).

~B said...

I also allow my kids to try to dress themselves.... this equaled TWO years of my twins dressing like "prairie girls"--that was hard..... ;) and the comments I got were....rude and hilarious at times.

Now, thankfully, they grew out of that. They looked so "homeschooled". HAHA

And my girls still argue with me when I tell them that today is not a good day to wear the knee high Christmas socks.... sometimes I let them... but when it's appropriate!

Btw--where was this dogshow?


Danielle said...

That second photo is sweet! AND, love one of your girlies lined up in their braids and sweaters . . .

Mandy said...

Looks like fun! What a neat experience for your kids!