Friday, July 24, 2009

No, Seriously, I Meant 2 More Cats

As of last week, we're the proud owners of 2 farm fresh bouncing baby kittens.Meet Boots, and Bokeh. How fitting that just weeks ago, I had that epiphany about naming a new pet Bokeh, and now here we are with a fuzzy little kitten to bear the name. Go figure. Boots. His name needs no explanation. Don't those busy baby-kitty mommies look tired and burned out? It takes a lot of work, you know. They're doing a great job.

Bacon (who was not present for pictures, he was off sleeping somewhere) has taken the neutral position. Neither for, or against the feline invasion. Mostly, he refuses to make eye contact with them. Give him time.

And Bebo here, has seen the light.

A terrier through and through, he LIVES to go sniff out and find animals in the ground and kill them. Gophers, snakes, bunnies, mice, kitties- even fish, peeps. He's a hunter nose to tail. I mean, EVERY fiber of his being.

BUT, he's also extremely intelligent, loyal, and loving. We knew if he saw that these creatures were supposed to be here, that they were family now- he'd come around.

We entered into an intense Terrier Twelve Step Program, involving one-on-one time for Bebo and a kitty, with me as mediator, firmly embracing the fuzzy newcomer close to me, while holding the Kitty Murderer by the collar just far enough away that he could smell and lick, but not bite the baby. Good interaction was constantly praised. The occasional snap at baby's head was greatly discouraged. Then when he'd had enough (it was really stressful for him), we put the kitty away and gave him a piece of bacon. He barely ate or relaxed at all. Ever.

I held out hope. The girls prayed every night that Bebo would know the kitties were friends, not food.

Three days later, on a road to Damascus somewhere, that pooch had a reformation.

It just clicked.

He is 100% in love with his "babies". He licks them, cleans them, herds them, corrals them, protects them from Hudson's very eager love for them (too eager, if you know what I mean). He plays with them, follows them around, and cuddles them close beneath him to sleep, just like a Mama Kitty.

Sometimes I see him just watching them and happily wagging his tail. Just talking to him about his babies makes him brightly excited and happy.

Hallelujah, the kitties will live (as far as Bebo is concerned).

Good Boy, Bebo.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yay for your happy growing family! :)

Your girls are ecstatic, I'm sure. I know my kids would be!


Kiki said...

We need a picture of the "Mama Kitty"!

They look like they are doing a great job.

Shelby-Grace said...

I love cats and our dog does too. He likes them better than other dogs!

Seeing those kittens makes me wish for one of my own again...maybe someday:)

Eva said...

Very cute kitties. I'm impressed that your dogs haven't eaten them b/c Snap totally would. I never think I can actually train him. He tried to eat a stray that came around once...

Mandy said...

I just read your recent posts and like them all...but this one just made me laugh hysterically! Cute...and I'm glad you babies will live. As far as Bebo is concerned!