Thursday, July 16, 2009

Look What Just Showed Up from Down Under

Look, I needed this.

I absolutely always wear my camera strap when I'm shooting. If I didn't, I would drop that baby every single time. I got no skills in the balance and grace department. Oh, and DSLR's are heavy little bundles of joy.

So I always wear my strap, and after shooting for a bit or so, my neck is always irritated- after shooting for an hour, my neck can feel the burn for a day or more. My strap wasn't that comfortable. Useful. But not comfortable. Certainly not sweet and cute.

I wanted one of these for a long time. Then I finally caved and picked out one of my very own on etsy.

Now, you can buy some elsewhere on etsy that are a whole strap- clips and all- those cost twice as much. And most of you already have a strap, so all you really need is a padded slipcover to be cuter and comfortabler, like me.

You could make one, but, unless you have "the gift" for sewing, let's face it- you're not going to. See a great tutorial here if you're so ambitious.

I know as much about sewing as my man knows about using an eyelash curler. And sorry, you amazing sewers, but I'm going to stay that way.

The sweet mum over at Happy Snapz made this one for me and sent it here all the way from Australia- the price was right, the product exactly what I wanted (lens cap pocket and all), and there were tons of great fabrics to choose from. She even customizes, if you feel customizable. The whole price, even after shipping across the world was under $20. Beat that, irritating strap.

It came quickly, was packaged cutely and with a personal note, as is the etsy way, and it is just wonderful. It really is super comfortable, and the lens cap pocket is perfect.

That's the one I got right up there- the picture is taken from her etsy store, and you can get there by clicking this right here.

She probably sits sewing these great creations in a lovely sunny spot, sipping something cold, watching kangaroos with joeys in their pockets out one window and Hugh Jackman pouring water over himself out another. Oh, the life.


Shelby-Grace said...

That is an awesome strap! I would have loved having it on our vacation we just got back from. And you're right, you can't beat that price!

Unknown said...

Maybe if I sew more Hugh Jackman will show up...