Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You, Sir, Are NO Bunny

When you hippety-hop around our yard, and twitch your noses, and look at us with curious-cautious looks, and wiggle your little tails, and lay around in the grass on your back eating long green stems and you bring my children all the delight a wild little nature-creature can bring- THEN you are Bunnies. Sweet little Bunnies.

When you start waiting for that perfect moment right when the future blooms of my red lilies- my BEST FAVORITE flowers- are just nicely formed and getting ready for their big debut- the moment when I guess they are most delectable and flavorful- when you wait for that precise moment and decide the grass is for the birds and you eat MY flowers off- THEN YOU ARE RABBITS. AND I DESPISE YOU. AND IF I SEE YOU OUT THERE AGAIN YOU ARE GETTING A SWIFT FLIP FLOP TO THE HEAD, SO HELP ME RABBIT.


anne said...

UGH! I'm sorry. SO annoying...but Your post cracked me up.
Our neighbors complain about rabbis eating their flowers too, we don't have that problem, because we don't have anything they are interested in! :)

April said...

I know how you feel. Rabbits are eating the peas in our garden...they have definitely lost their cute factor.