Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I've Solved it! It was Professor Chubs, In the Carb Corner, with Dr. Pug!!

Hudson loves bread. And pasta. And crackers. And cereal. Carbs.
Ever since he discovered where we keep all such things + how easy it is to open it (lower corner pantry- can't believe it took him this long to figure it out) a few weeks ago, he occasionally gets out a package of something, brings it to me, and gives a stout shout, "Pleez?!" Sometimes lately, he even says, "Carbs. PLEEZ?!" He apparently heard me talking to Daddy about his new found interest in what is truly a treasure trove of carbohydrates.
No, Hudson. Well, usually, I say no. It's so darn cute.
And crackers keep him busy when I'm working on something. Because he always waits to wander over there until I'm absorbed in something, and not looking.
Yes, it's wrong...but it's not like I'm not hip to what he's doing... people, it's so darn cute.
#1 would have gotten serious discipline for repeat pantry offenses. #4 gets the crackers. That's life.

Yesterday I was busy paying bills and filing stuff away in the closet. Hudson came in, checked on where I was, and left quietly. I was almost finished, when I realized how quiet it was. I walked out to the dining room and saw this...

Yep. Just my son and his Scooters, hidden under the table. So very, very disobedient. Just so deliberately wrong.
So I snuck away to get my camera, of course.Yes, that on the left there is Bacon. Loyal companion to his masters. And to food. A second trip to the pantry... So very, very naughty. Just wrong.
And then Bacon turned his head slightly and caught a glimpse of me. That's right. He knew it was wrong. No innocent parties here.
Premeditated secret snacking.

So I was found out. In the time it took to put back my camera, he was back under the table, feeding Bacon whole pieces of bread, with Bebo, our other dog (the extremely smart one), watching, but not partaking. Because usually, Mom means biz-ness.

But instead, I let Bacon finish the whole grains in his mouth, put the bag on the counter, and scooped up my very sneaky son for a squeeze.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sometimes it's the squeeze that's best...

And child-proofing the offending cabinet. Though, I have one of those cabinets (and a sneaky baby) but I haven't done a thing about it :)


Mandy said...

Too cute! I'm so glad you caught it on film for the rest of us to enjoy, too! Micah is the same way...but we have no pets to partake!

AnnieW said...

Someday we are gonna look back on these days and really miss them! For now, enjoy the squeezes. :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

You are such an amazing mother! Those pictures are so cute:)

Amy said...

I'm loving the squeeze!!

So with you on "the first gets disciplined, the 4th (or in our case 3rd) gets the crackers". I am always saying "ahh..she's the 3rd" around here.

Eva said...

My brother was also a carb addict. I have a pic of him in that little turning cabinet thing at my grandparent's stealing saltines. He still loves those crackers.
And what a chunk H is!