Thursday, May 21, 2009


Grace Daisy, you are six.
You love beauty, and can spend an easy hour making something, anything, more beautiful with thoughtful attention to detail and design. You often tell me how much you like to take what you have and make something beautiful with it. And you really do.
You take the hair accessory drawer and flip it upside down, just for the chance to carefully regroup it's contents into a better, more lovely and organized fashion.
You love to pick out not just your outfit, but your sisters' as well.
You do things with intentionality. You don't just throw anything together. There's always a reason it's just so.
You are the most like me, and in our family I'm the most like you. We generally tolerate one another nicely. You extend grace to me when we don't. I hope you see me doing the same for you.
You dislike talking to new people. And trying new things. But I see you pushing your limits daily, often doing the hard stuff, and introducing yourself in a way that would never let that new friend know that you were afraid. And I'm so proud.
You lead by example and it's tough at the top. You take the roll well, and are so good to take your sisters' and brother's hands in yours while they figure out how to follow.
You know when it's true, and you hate when it's a lie. You talk to Jesus and know He's right there with you. You talk to me, and anyone else, about Him as naturally as you love pink and sparkles.
It never occurs to you to be inhibited about the One who took your heart and sealed it just three years ago. And I want daily to have a heart as wide open as yours is. Maybe someday I'll grow up and be just like you, Miss Six.


Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! What a beautiful post! My oldest will be turning 6 in just a few weeks, too.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post and such a great picture! Happy Birthday to your sweet Grace:)

Lisa said...

beautiful picture, beautiful post! happy birthday to your grace!

anne said...

Happy Birthday TO a BEAUTIFUL young lady!!!
Simply Stunning Six year old! :)

Katie said...

What a sweet and beautiful girl. Happy Birthday!!

Tammy said...

Happy 6th birthday Grace! I hope you had a wonderfully special day:) I miss all of you.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Great picture, Megan. She sounds sooo much like my Juliana Grace. Your post felt like a glimpse a couple years into the future :)

Shelby-Grace said...

Beautiful words to a beautiful little girl! Hope she had a wonderful birthday:)

Amy said...

This picture looks like your hubby with long curly hair!! OH MY!!

She is adorable! Sounds much like my first born.

Happy (belated) birthday Grace!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful six year old daughter!
Stunning photo.

Eva said...

CRAZY! Stop growing! Well, you know what I mean.