Monday, May 18, 2009

Living Arrangements

A sweet friend was recently over, and upon realizing that one of the flowers in my house was real, she mentioned she'd thought they had all been fake. And she was surprised when I said I'd gotten them all from right outside my door.

Now, I don't think ALL faux is a "no", but I just think that fake flowers that look good are... rare. I certainly have trouble doing them "right".

But I love, love, love having fresh flowers.

And I happen to be madly in love with a hardcore gardener.

So we make it through the winter with a few inexpensive bunches of the longest-lasting flowers from the grocery store, and then go all out once the garden starts poppin'.

I kill anything I try to care for that needs water and food and love to thrive. Children and dogs the exception, of course. I think they're blooming quite well. Jim, however, is a farmer in the city, using his mad skills to grow vegetables and awesome blossoms. Extra awesome.

Last winter- in December- he came home from The Depot the night before a big blizzard would come with Peppermint Mochas for two (not from The Depot), and bags and bags of half-price clearance bulbs. Well over 100 of them, for the bargain price of $30 and freezing fingers after hurriedly planting them on a deep dark freezing winter's evening, and the cost of wondering until spring whether or not they'd be studs or duds.

I love my husband.

And they were............ STUDS!

Him too.

Here's a slide show (well, up there's a slide show) of a little of what we have growing here- Plenty to see from the street, and so many gorgeous, fancy types of tulips and daffodils and etc to enjoy in-house. And this is just the earliest spring bulbs- can't wait for a whole summer de flores.

Flowers just speak to me. My daughters each love them too, and can name all the types we have in our garden, remembering them from long hours out there last year with Dad.

The impact of even one bloom in my room is huge to me.

Do you ever bring the outside in at your house?


Jackie said...

GOR-GEOUS!!!!!! I especially love the picture where (I think the last one in the set?) with the yellow and white, just appearing to float out of nowhere - beautiful!!!! Spring flowers are by far my favorite - tulips and lilacs especially! I can't wait until we buy a house to plant some bulbs and lilac trees. and whatever those pretty white lilac-esque trees are that are blooming right now.

Shelby-Grace said...

Those flowers are simply amazing! And that last picture in your slideshow is beautiful!

Annika said...

I love fresh flowers too! The smell is like no other.

Annika said...

I love fresh flowers too! The smell is like no other.

Debbie said...

How great! And how fun that you and hubby love flowers together.